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WDYUK are proud of our communication and from our offices in the market town of Pocklington, just outside York and central to Hull and Harrogate we like to shout about things.  Our news section is a cacophony of ramblings from our team, some are based upon our web design and development skills, some themed on graphic design and even a few sprinkles of advise on SEO, but mostly ramblings - enjoy!

What can Ryanair do to fix their brand image?

Posted: September 28th 2017

Ryanair have done it again. Just when we thought things couldnt get any worse, they do.


How much of a threat is hacking to YOUR website? Find out for free

Posted: September 26th 2017

Small businesses may be under the impression that it is only large companies with extremely high turnovers that get hacked, or that it is exclusive to intelligence organisations like you see in the James Bond films. Unfortunately, hacking is very real danger to all business websites, but why? Hackers want access to people's information in order to sell on.


Uber's brand image

Posted: September 25th 2017

A few days ago I wrote about how important brand image is to a company. In a seperate article I mentioned Uber's current business model is focused on expansion rather than on making a lot of money right now.