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WDYUK are proud of our communication and from our offices in the market town of Pocklington, just outside York and central to Hull and Harrogate we like to shout about things.  Our news section is a cacophony of ramblings from our team, some are based upon our web design and development skills, some themed on graphic design and even a few sprinkles of advise on SEO, but mostly ramblings - enjoy!

4 Reason Responsive Design is Essential to a User Experience

Posted: October 1st 2015

Responsive Design Promotes Consistency Responsive design helps to maintain a consistent look and feel to your website no matter what device or browser the user is using. Enabling the user to easily navigate around your website due to the similar styling and formatting no matter the device.


Google Chromes Hidden Game

Posted: August 28th 2015

The Guys Google have snuck an addictive running game into there  Chrome browser and you dont need the internet to play it , in fact you can only get to it when it fails . Hitting the spacebar whenever Chrome flashes up its "Unable to connect to the Internet" warning – then hey presto a little dinosaur appears How do you play just watch and hit the space bar .


Website Audit

Posted: August 24th 2015

Free Website Health Check We now offer a free website health check, wether you think your website is not ranking correctly, you may think that your comppetitors are above you or you just need to see if its mobile ready , then hit contact and get in touch Your website healthcheck includes a full overview of the website structure, its contents and your Google rankings Dont waste any more time get in touch today    .