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How much of a threat is hacking to YOUR website? Find out for free

Small businesses may be under the impression that it is only large companies with extremely high turnovers that get hacked, or that it is exclusive to intelligence organisations like you see in the James Bond films. Unfortunately, hacking is very real danger to all business websites, but why?

Hackers want access to people's information in order to sell on. If they can get access to personal information, it may lead to them having access to people's accounts such as PayPal, obviously from there they can take their money.

If someone was to gain access to your site they can indirectly host their own from there, thus avoiding the fees. Again, this is essentially stealing. You would be paying for someone else to host their site. Hacked sites an also be used to boost the SEO of other websites. They could put links to malicious websites on yours in order to scam or harm your visitors.

Hackers could also use your site to attack others. They would group all of the hacked sites together in one network and launch attacks from there. This makes it harder for the authorities to trace where the attack has come from.

All websites are at risk. At WDY we are here to help, fill out our contact form by clicking the link below and we'll check your website at no cost and no obligation to make sure you're safe. If you'd rather give us a ring then we're always available on 01759 303007.