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WDYUK are proud of our communication and from our offices in the market town of Pocklington, just outside York and central to Hull and Harrogate we like to shout about things.  Our news section is a cacophony of ramblings from our team, some are based upon our web design and development skills, some themed on graphic design and even a few sprinkles of advise on SEO, but mostly ramblings - enjoy!

How much do price comparison sites actually help you?

Posted: October 2nd 2017

Price comparison sites are huge at the moment, everyone has seen the tv adverts of the meerkats and opera singers, they all seem to do the same thing, find you the cheapest deal on your essential bills. The biggest misconception about these websites is that they're there solely to help you out.


How to spot an online scam

Posted: September 29th 2017

It was announced today that Newcastle University was subject to a scam, more specifically the students were. A fake website was produced to try and get students to input their banking details and their passport details.


STOP using WordPress websites!

Posted: September 28th 2017

WordPress is extremely popular, around 5% of the top 10,000 sites in the world are WordPress. It was originally used for blogs which means that it is very easy to use and so its common for people to utilise instead of using developers.