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WDYUK are proud of our communication and from our offices in the market town of Pocklington, just outside York and central to Hull and Harrogate we like to shout about things.  Our news section is a cacophony of ramblings from our team, some are based upon our web design and development skills, some themed on graphic design and even a few sprinkles of advise on SEO, but mostly ramblings - enjoy!

Intermittent problem on some websites

Posted: September 21st 2020

There are some intermittent problems this morning on some websites this morning.  This is due to an ongoing problem at our hosting company.


How Important Is Marketing To Your Business?

Posted: February 1st 2018

January is a strange month. Everyones getting back into the swing of work after the Christmas break and as spring is just round the corner (ish) it's beginning to become acceptable to get excited for the summer holidays.


Was Nadine Dorries MP wrong to share her passwords or just wrong to admit it?

Posted: December 4th 2017

The Tory MP Nadine Dorries has had to defend her tweet in which she stated that she shares her login details with her staff. She said that being a back bench MP meant she didn't have any access to government documents and there was nothing on her computer except a shared email account so there was no problem in doing so.