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4 Reason Responsive Design is Essential to a User Experience

  1. Responsive Design Promotes Consistency
    Responsive design helps to maintain a consistent look and feel to your website no matter what device or browser the user is using. Enabling the user to easily navigate around your website due to the similar styling and formatting no matter the device.
  2. Responsive Design Reduces Confusion
    Responsive design = consistent design, ability to quick reach the content you require when changing devices.
  3. Responsive Design helps Your Increases Mobile and Tablet Users
    Majority of users spend time equal or more time on mobile and tablet devices, responsive design allows for an increase your audience. User’s ability to access your site on the go is essential
  4. Responsive Design Allows for an Improved SEO experience
    The use of a responsive web design allows for the streamlining of your search engine optimization or SEO efforts.