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E Newsletter Management

As you can imagine 5,000 brochures are not only bulky to transport but expensive to both print and store.

Solution: make a virtual brochure that can be either viewed online or mounted onto disk and viewed at any time on a PC, the disk we produced was three times as cheap as conventional printing, which included the design and manufacture of the disk and cover. As with most brochures they are produced year in year out, so this year when they require to do it all over again, we will not have to re-design the whole brochure but easily change text and pictures at will, these factors alone bring the price and studio time right down, especially if compared to any printed brochure.

As we have mentioned, it is a brochure that can be loaded onto the internet or your web site, it can be mounted onto disk and distributed via hand or mail, it can be loaded onto a computer and left for you clients to browse at your premises but one of its greatest functions is it can be emailed to high numbers of people to get your message across fast.