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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines.

If you are looking at improving your \' rankings \' in Google then call us now.  We offer a truly bespoke service enabling our clients to reach the top of the rankings, giving your website the exposure it needs to have to be a success. 

Most people know a little bit about Search Engine Optimisation and this can cause more damage than not knowing anything, Google are always changing their specific rules to give a fair positioning to each. There are so many factors we have to take into consideration when talking about SEO and it may be that you are ranking for what you think are the correct search terms, but without the correct management and research, these terms may be completely wrong and no one is actually looking for that term.  Un searchable ranked search terms is one of the greatest mis-conceptions that business owners suffer from, we can change this.

Our SEO skills not only puts your site in front of the correct audience, and hence puts more customers in your pocket, but at WDY UK we also educate our clients on the fundamentals.  Giving back the power to you enables you as a business owner to take control of your site and work it to gain better ROI from your investment.

Our management program includes the following SEO services

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ROI and Competitor analysis.

When we are building an SEO campaign it is prudent to manage the clients potential revenue stream and understand the market before any work is carried out.  By ascertaining the amount of search terms available for the services or products that are being placed on the website then half of the battle is won. It is easy for a company to offer you the service of \' Google Rankings \'  but it is a professional company that offer the service of Search engine optimisation with a clear plan of attack ond proven return on investment aimed at your business sector.  For example if £ xxxx was spent on Search engine optimisation for a client and we reached the number 1 spot for all of their search terms but the market only demanded a revenue stream of £ xxx then there would be no point in doing the search engine optimisation, it may have been a better practise to advertise offline rather than push the SEO.


Here are a few top tips for helping with SEO

( Get website to top of Google Ranking )

Get the largest Key phrase you are looking to gain ranking with in your URL 

Post URL , if you are Blogging ensue you have a rich Keyword in your POSt URL 

Keywords , they need to be in the following at least Title Tag, Heading, Meta Description and Body 

Images need to optimised, this does not only meaning in TAGs but in size also 

Script optimisation, get your site feeding the user in a timely manner 

Submition, you cannot rely on your website to just sit there , submit it across the mix of engines and blogs

Navigate, make it easy

Content make all ofyour content quality and uptodate, no one wants to read an old book they have read times before

Although we have given you a few tips here, we are also very happy to do the work for you and bring your website upto speed and plan a way forward for the future.