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Why are businesses not taking GDPR seriously?

GDPR is less than a year away and many companies will have to change the way they hold customer information dramatically. With fines reaching £400,000 it could be catastrophic for a lot of companies.

The new laws aren't restricted to online data. If you store customer information of any sort then it will impact you. Customer information includes everything from their date of birth to their banking details and everything inbetween.

A survey by Trend Micro produced some worrying statistics. 79% of IT decision makers did not know that the date of birth was classed as personal information and 56% did not know that email marketing databases also come under this classification.

So why are decision makers ignoring the impending changes? The simple answer is probably because most people can't be bothered. It seems like its going to be a lot of effort with no fiscal return at the end. However, it's the law, and the quicker you sort it out the quicker you can forget about it.

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