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Secure Hosting for GDPR

Is your website safe and are you compliant to GDPR 


WDY have written a short article in relation to the new rules, if you have any questions please do not hesitate pickup a phone and call us on 01759 303007 - we can give free advice ad a wealth of tools and services to aid your GDPR compliane 

Compliance is a shared responsibility  - we will ensure your website meet the standards required through security, technology and protocols that need to be in place. 

Firstly, do you need to comply?

A company that holds no private data on their customers or employees does not have to comply. Ask yourself the question do you hold data ifyou do you need to comply.

The GDPR is fairly similar to the current Data Protection Act provisions, so if your business is complying with the current law then you have a good starting point to work from.  

Each company isdifferent and therefore need the correct matching protocols, the first step would be your website and its hosting environment, if you are sharing your environment then its time to act and get control.   Call us now for a limited time offer.