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How important is social media for a company?

Social media is one of those things that is ever present but often over looked by many companies. A good social media campaign can enhance the company in a number of areas.

The brand recognition. If a company is posting interesting content frequently it makes their brand more visable to their audience. Not only this, but it makes them far more accessible. If they appear to be friendly online then their audience are far more likely to engage. In turn this will also improve the brand loyalty. Social media puts a voice and face to a company.

More opportunities. When a following is built it also provides the company with more opportunities to convert. There will be more access to all customers, new, current and old. Not every interaction will result in a sale however every positive interaction will increase the likelihood of doing so in the future.

It's cost a effective way of marketing. Social media is maybe the most cost effective way of marketing in relation to how many people it's possible to reach. Other forms of marketing that can hit the same numbers, such as T.V. can be extremely expensive. 

If you can utilise social medai to it's full potential the results can be extraordinary.