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Google and ranking

Working through your website, adding testimnonials, adding news and updating your content is very good to ensure that you rank highly for your search term, we are currenlty going for Web Designers York

Not only can you update your content to provide Google with new and interesting information relating to your specific services or products, but now Google will help you to obtain relevant information placement to your users by the use of snippets.

Snippets are used to help the search engines move relevant information to the correct position for eas of use to your poential client base .

We are currently researching this and will get back to you withour results , but here is a snippet of information to help you

Google Quotes

The Knowledge Graph is Google's system for organizing information about millions of well-known "entities": people, places, and organizations in the real world. Google's algorithms merge information about entities from many data sources. For some types of information, though, the best source of data is the entity itself.

Specifically, companies and people can now customize their own data in the Knowledge Graph by adding structured data markup to their official website.