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Apple announce 3 new phones at the same time, is it genius or a major risk?

Once again the product on everyone's minds is the new iPhone. Or rather the new iPhones. Yesterday Apple announced the iPhone 8, 8+ and the X all at once. Is this a good idea or are they running a risk?

The iPhone X is billed by Apple as being the best phone on the market. So where does that leave the 8 and 8+?

There are a few obvious differences between the phone generations. The screen for example. The X is a phone that is nearly all screen, while the 8's are only slightly bigger than their predecessors. However the main difference is the price. My oh my have Apple gone to town here. The iPhone X will cost £999. £999 for a phone. I'll let that sink in.

Will the X be worth it? You would hope so for the money. The flagship feature (and the make or break feature) is the facial recognition. With no home button you have to use your face to unlock it. Imagine if that didnt work very well.

So what are the roles of the 8's? Probably just to be slightly improved 7's. Apple have tried this tactic before with the 5s and the 5c, of making a more affordable phone at the same time. Personally I think it's a good idea. They would alienate a lot people if they only made one phone as it would be more expensive.

For most businesses it can be a risk releasing two products at the same time as you have to spend double the amount of money to market it. This is the biggest company in the world though and so when they release a new product it makes headline news all around the world. Couple this with the flashy adverts on TV and the internet, they're onto a winner.

If you're going to go out and get the X I must say im jealous. At the end of the day the phone looks great and I imagine it will be a great thing to use. The real test for Apple will come in a few months when everyone has had a chance to read reviews and try out the new iPhone in comparison to the Samsung S8. Will this be the year that Samsung over power Apple in the phone market? Probably not but lets wait and see.